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Welcome to the new look News Page for Southampton Musicians In Unison. This page contains links to items of local and national news which will be of interest to members. Please feel free to advise us of any news you think would be of interest

Local News

Southampton Jazz Club

Download our brochure (517kb, pdf) about SJC.

If you havenıt been to the Arlott Bar for a while you will see some differences.

For a start weıve made it completely non-smoking. Weıve also altered the layout so that the band plays from a different part of the room. This was on the advice of one of the countryıs leading acousticians, and it has made a great difference to the sound quality. Weıve even started putting cloths and candles on the tables to room more user-friendly! So if you havenıt been along for a bit, please try us out again and tell us what you think!

Joint membership is now cheaper too. Weıve reduced it to just £20. And the on-night discount for all members is now £3 instead of £2.

Jam Sessions

These have been moved out of the Arlott Bar and are now being held monthly at the Swan Pub at 219 Portsmouth Road, Southampton, starting at 8pm. Chris Paradineıs trio awaits anyone who wants a blow on any instrument, whatever their standard.

Thatıs it for the moment. We look forward to seeing you some Tuesday soon for one of our concerts.

National News

Here are a few interesting articles from the national press which describe the problems faced by Orchestras in recruiting "low brass" players. Its sad to know that even the top flight orchestras can't get trombone players.